What I’m Working On: Everything Is A Remix **featured on Vimeo Staff Picks

Kirby Ferguson is a NYC-based filmmaker of Everything Is A Remix, a documentary web-series on remix culture and the appropriation and reinterpretation of art.  I stumbled upon his first video several months ago, being interested in the subject myself.  I started following him on Twitter (@remixeverything) and keeping up with when the next video was going to come out.  A few weeks ago, he reached out to his followers on Twitter to see if any other editors would like to be involved in the project.  Obviously, I took the bait.

Kirby asked if I would create a video detailing Quentin Tarantino’s influences on Kill Bill, which he describes as QT’s remix master thesis.  He passed me some Quicktime files he had already pulled for his video along with some resources for me to seek out more information.  On a note about the managing of media and collaborating, it should be pointed out that since Kirby and I don’t live in the same city, we did all of our conversing online.  We’ve never met and never spoken on the phone.  We’ve only corresponded via email and Twitter, and passed cuts and source material back and forth only using Dropbox and his FTP.  I think that’s a pretty fascinating case study in modern filmmaking.

So without further adieu, Kirby’s video and my video.

  1. Mauricio Balvanera said:

    Great job on this. My wife and I were just watching Kill Bill after recently watching Sergio Leone movies, so this subject was heavy on our minds. The remote collaboration thing is happening pretty often with me as well. I’m helping an editor in LA with visual effects on a Moby music video via dropbox too.

  2. Teo said:

    Hej Rob,

    Do you mind putting a tracklist up on vimeo about the songs you have used.
    That would be great, few songs sounds really nice.


    • Lexine said:

      This was so heplufl and easy! Do you have any articles on rehab?

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