What I’m Working On – Everything Is A Remix: THE MATRIX

A new addendum to Kirby Ferguson’s web series Everything Is A Remix is up.  I edited it and produced it with Kirby’s help and script help from Cynthia Closkey.  Check it out!  I hope you like it.  You can also see the link to the video on everythingisaremix.info.

  1. elasticplanet said:

    Hello, I got here via io9.com.

    Very nice! One reference I didn’t see that I thought could use a mention is “Dark City.” Despite some character and plot similarities, both films have a scene early on where the Protagonist receives a call from the Information Character (for lack of a better term) telling him that there are people coming after him and he needs to escape. In “Dark City,” John needs to escape from three Strangers coming up the elevator, in “The Matrix,” Neo needs to escape from three Agents also coming up the elevator.

    To be fair, “Dark City” did only come out about a year before “The Matrix,” so it’s possible it’s just a coincidence, or that they both even pulled it from some other film.

    • Thanks Matt! This is what I posted on my Vimeo page about this:

      I was of the opinion that I should seek out the influences that the Wachowski Brothers drew from. While certainly there are comparisons to be made, if a film was released in the couple years prior or following the release of the Matrix, it was hard to argue that it was a DIRECT influence on the film, due to filmmaking production schedules. At the end of the 90’s there was a heavy leaning on cyberpunk thrillers, and while it may have had an influence on the film being greenlit, it found it hard to imagine that the Wachowski brothers literally took their images from Dark City. See also: Blade, The Thirteenth Floor, The Truman Show, etc. This is why there is no mention of these films in our video.

      Good point though!

  2. elasticplanet said:

    Ah, I probably should’ve clicked over to Vimeo.

    Anyway, I completely agree. I remembered being really into both films at the time and finding it fascinating that they both had this almost identical, and fairly specific scene even though they were released so close to each other.

  3. bitbomb said:

    The legends of Hong Kong action were hired to do The Matrix fight choreography, of course they brought their playbook with them. Yuen Wo-Ping and his crew were attached to nearly all of these movies, if not all of them. Just think it’s an important thing to mention, as ‘remix’ implies imitation.

    • certainly is… I was very conscious of that fact while I was making the video. What I’d say is that, by hiring YWP, the Wachowski brothers intended to create a remix. While YWP is performing the duties he always had, the directors used him to create a film of similar style. It wasn’t YWP’s movie to make. YWP didn’t remix his own work. The Wachowskis remixed his work by using him. That would be my opinion.

      You are correct that it is worth mentioning. I found it hard to find a way to articulate some of the more literary or conceptual remixes in The Matrix. That’s why I ended up listing many of those influences at the end of the video, rather than try to demonstrate them in an un-engaging way. At the end of the day, I opted to make a more compelling video, rather than a video with the most complete version of the information. I mean, if it’s informative but nobody sees it, then what am I doing this for? 🙂

  4. Totally agree with the Dark City comparisons, it’s always stuck out to me.

    Also there are some definite similarities to Blade in the super-roof-jumping and slo-mo bullet dodging. Can’t find clips, but they’re there. Also the cinematography in Blade is very similar to The Matrix. Oh and the opening club scene is reminiscent of the club scene in The Matrix as well.

  5. JP said:

    Absolutely love this series. When will there be a new one?

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