Current status: cutting a movie.

Coming soon, Fits And Starts is a comedy about a struggling writer dealing with his wife’s literary success (and all the characters that come along with it). The film stars Wyatt Cenac, Greta LeeMaria Dizzia, and Alex Karpovsky. The movie is written and directed by Laura Terruso who recently co-wrote the film Hello, My Name Is Doris with Michael Showalter based on her short film Doris And The Intern.

Here’s the trailer for Laura’s movie, coming March 2016. Go see it, and look for Fits And Starts soooooon.

Kirby Ferguson is a NYC-based filmmaker of Everything Is A Remix, a documentary web-series on remix culture and the appropriation and reinterpretation of art.  I stumbled upon his first video several months ago, being interested in the subject myself.  I started following him on Twitter (@remixeverything) and keeping up with when the next video was going to come out.  A few weeks ago, he reached out to his followers on Twitter to see if any other editors would like to be involved in the project.  Obviously, I took the bait.

Kirby asked if I would create a video detailing Quentin Tarantino’s influences on Kill Bill, which he describes as QT’s remix master thesis.  He passed me some Quicktime files he had already pulled for his video along with some resources for me to seek out more information.  On a note about the managing of media and collaborating, it should be pointed out that since Kirby and I don’t live in the same city, we did all of our conversing online.  We’ve never met and never spoken on the phone.  We’ve only corresponded via email and Twitter, and passed cuts and source material back and forth only using Dropbox and his FTP.  I think that’s a pretty fascinating case study in modern filmmaking.

So without further adieu, Kirby’s video and my video.