Current status: cutting a movie.

Coming soon, Fits And Starts is a comedy about a struggling writer dealing with his wife’s literary success (and all the characters that come along with it). The film stars Wyatt Cenac, Greta LeeMaria Dizzia, and Alex Karpovsky. The movie is written and directed by Laura Terruso who recently co-wrote the film Hello, My Name Is Doris with Michael Showalter based on her short film Doris And The Intern.

Here’s the trailer for Laura’s movie, coming March 2016. Go see it, and look for Fits And Starts soooooon.

I have been friends with J. Claude Deering, the writer/director of Untitled Sketch Group, since we were literally children.  Our families are great friends.  So literally, I jumped at the chance to work with him and our friends Chris Frontiero and Jared Swanson.  Turning Entourage on its head, USG is the story of a group of sketch comedians in Los Angeles who dream of success but find little of it.  I am the cinematographer of all four episodes and edited Episodes 2 and 3.

Untitled Sketch Group: Episode 1
A local LA sketch group get a meeting with a big agency.
Cinematography by Robert Grigsby Wilson

Untitled Sketch Group: Episode 2
The gang pays a visit to Jonathan to make sure he’s doing them right…

Shot and Edited by Robert Grigsby Wilson.

Untitled Sketch Group: Episode 3
Chris tries to clean up the mess after his hit-and-run accident while Jared and Claude try unsuccessfully to brainstorm new sketch ideas.
Shot and Edited by Robert Grigsby Wilson.

Untitled Sketch Group: Episode 4
The guys from Untitled Sketch Group make a Boost Mobile ad.
Cinematography by Robert Grigsby Wilson

The trailer I also edited for USG: