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Okay, so three new pieces of video here, edited by yours truly.  Two new, one old, but everything very cool (I think).

First, “A Handy Guide For The Easily Distracted”, the vignette I cut with Miranda as a promotional piece for her new film The Future.  Now that I’ve found an embedable link for the video, I decided to repost a note about it.  Check it out!  Then click the link below it to visit the original site with the posting and read a great interview with her about her work.

Click here to read her interview.

Next, a music video I cut featuring Reggie Watts. This video was finished a few months ago, but I haven’t had the time to write about it.  The band featured in the song is Eagle And Talon, a super-awesome duo producing some great tunes.  Shot by Catherine Goldschmidt and edited by me!

Lastly, the 2011 Teen Choice Awards!  Yay!  Harry Potter was the big winner at this year’s awards, so they asked me to cut a tribute package for the film to close the show.  It got a great response and even a mention in the Hollywood Reporter and other news sites.  Check it out here.  You can also watch the presentation from the TCA below it.

Back again after an extended blogging layoff because of work and projects!  Coming up for air long enough to point you to the latest installment of What I’ve Been Working On.

Freddy and Francine is an awesome band and friends of after their music was featured in a short film I edited called Chris And Steve (IMDb).  You can check out more about them here and here.  In June their song Brownstone Alley was featured on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic as their Top Tune Of The Day, which is only the coolest thing ever.  In case you don’t live in Los Angeles, KCRW and that show in particular is the best place to find great new music in the city of Los Angeles.

So F&F and I got together and decided to up the ante on their video work online.  With the help of my friends Adam Deyoe and Katie Goldschmidt, the three of us got together to shoot a concert at The Mint in Hollywood.  Dating back to 1937, the venue has hosted everyone from Stevie Wonder, Willie Dixon, and Ray Charles to more recently Ben Harper, Macy Gray, and The Wallflowers.

These two videos, 8 Pages and Brownstone Alley, were the first two songs from their set, with more to come.  Hopefully we’ll be working together again soon.  They’re a pleasure and their music is kickass.  Go see them if you get the chance.

Her Private Practice Scenes:

Her Complete Reel:

Amy Harmon is a friend of mine and a great actress. She was recently featured in “Private Practice” and the pilot “Inside The Box”, both for ABC, and in the Brimmer Street Theater Company’s original production of “<3”. Get more information on that at

Her reel is a fairly standard edit I do, employing simple dips to black between scenes and sometimes employing an occasional re-edit to focus the scene on my client.

This documentary was my BFA thesis film at Emerson College. The film details a moment in the life of Milo Matthews, a subway musician in Boston. He struggles with his past and his career, all while the city cracks down on subways musicians as a potential security threat in a post-9/11 world. We travel to his home and to visit his son in Seattle, getting a glimpse of the sacrifices that people make to pursue their dreams.

You can check out Milo on and at He’s a great man and I’m forever thankful of how he opened up his life to me.

Also special thanks to Robert Kellough, who mixed the film but is absent from the credits.

Claude and I have been great friends since elementary school. I’ve been doing his reel for years and I’m always impressed with his work.

His reel is called a “speed reel” where all his scenes are chopped up and reorganized to create one sequence that jumps back and forth as the drama works best. This is different compared to Mike Terry’s reel which is a collection of independent scenes.

Clips from this reel are from Entourage, Criminal Minds, and the internet comedy series “Untitled Sketch Group”, available at He’s soon to be featured on the upcoming film “The Ugly Truth” and in “Inside The Box”, a pilot for ABC.