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In light of some potential work as a cameraman and my impending purchase of the new awesome Canon Rebel T2i, I’ve decided to do a post about my previous camera work.  Here is a sampling of some of my camera work over the years…


Freddy & Francine – Live @ The Mint 2009

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Robert G. Wilson.  Additional camerawork by Adam Deyoe and Katharine Goldschmidt.  Read the full post here.


Untitled Sketch Group – FunnyOrDie Internet Comedy Series.  Cinematography by Robert G. Wilson.  Episodes 2 & 3 edited by Robert G. Wilson.  Read the full post here.

At the time of uploading to Funny Or Die, they didn’t support HD uploads.  So, here are HD versions with links to the FOD originals.

USG Episode 2: FOD Link

USG Episode 3: FOD Link

USG Episode 4: FOD Link


Milo – Emerson College BFA Thesis Documentary

Claude and I have been great friends since elementary school. I’ve been doing his reel for years and I’m always impressed with his work.

His reel is called a “speed reel” where all his scenes are chopped up and reorganized to create one sequence that jumps back and forth as the drama works best. This is different compared to Mike Terry’s reel which is a collection of independent scenes.

Clips from this reel are from Entourage, Criminal Minds, and the internet comedy series “Untitled Sketch Group”, available at He’s soon to be featured on the upcoming film “The Ugly Truth” and in “Inside The Box”, a pilot for ABC.

I have been friends with J. Claude Deering, the writer/director of Untitled Sketch Group, since we were literally children.  Our families are great friends.  So literally, I jumped at the chance to work with him and our friends Chris Frontiero and Jared Swanson.  Turning Entourage on its head, USG is the story of a group of sketch comedians in Los Angeles who dream of success but find little of it.  I am the cinematographer of all four episodes and edited Episodes 2 and 3.

Untitled Sketch Group: Episode 1
A local LA sketch group get a meeting with a big agency.
Cinematography by Robert Grigsby Wilson

Untitled Sketch Group: Episode 2
The gang pays a visit to Jonathan to make sure he’s doing them right…

Shot and Edited by Robert Grigsby Wilson.

Untitled Sketch Group: Episode 3
Chris tries to clean up the mess after his hit-and-run accident while Jared and Claude try unsuccessfully to brainstorm new sketch ideas.
Shot and Edited by Robert Grigsby Wilson.

Untitled Sketch Group: Episode 4
The guys from Untitled Sketch Group make a Boost Mobile ad.
Cinematography by Robert Grigsby Wilson

The trailer I also edited for USG: