Artbeats Free Clip of the Day! Free stock footage!

Hey all.  Do you use stock footage ever?  Think you might want to keep some on hand, for that random occasion.  If you ever need that great clip as a background or insert or establishing shot that you couldn’t go out and shoot, Artbeats is there to save the day.  Well, Artbeats is now giving away one free clip of stock footage every day!  And now you can start building your collection through their Daily Free Clip program.  Just register for an account (also free!) and every day you can download either an HD, NTSC, or PAL quicktime for you to keep.  Unfortunately, they’re not letting people download anything higher than that for free, but who’s complaining?

All of Artbeat’s material is royalty-free unlimited-use, which means that you can use it over and over again without needing to pay them anything, as long as your project isn’t made of more than 25% stock footage.  Right now all the HD footage you get is Photo-JPEG, but the footage looks great and they claim there is negligible loss in quality as a result of the compression.  Obviously, it’s not ideal, but hey, IT’S FREE!  Check it out and get started on building your stock footage collection…


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